Wee little Holiday greeting

So Ashley had a couple different ideas for holiday cards she liked and I was able to create this and we sorta think it’s awesome.

Well we could have always gone with the over done Santa hat on the ultrasound, which I did anyway below. 

JT’s Honeydew

Let’s file this under “this is what my life has become”: I just spent the last 15 minutes in my kitchen, shirtless, cutting a honeydew melon while giving Justin Timberlake’s new album a listen. As former Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle would say “Oh it’s true, it’s true, it’s damn true”

“Da fuck you want?”

“Da fuck you want?”

"…honest to Allah"

Today I slept in until 10 (that’s super sleeping in for me), had Starbucks and Lucky Charms for breakfast, had a pizza delivered for lunch, watched two Paul Rudd movies, on-demanded the season finale of Kroll Show then watched a Bar Rescue marathon.

Breaking news: I am 26 years old, not in a college frat and honest to Allah not hungover at all.

What a great Sunday.

"A nice dose of asshole first thing in the AM"

You have to love getting a nice dose of asshole first thing in the AM. As in an guy being an asshole, not like an actual ass hole. This really is nothing but at 6:30 AM, it’s like come onnnnn man. Let me explain:

Phone rings.  I answer it good morning.

"Yea are you guys open?" 

No sir, we open at 7:30.

"Well you really should list that on your website!"

It is on our web site sir.


The hours are listed on the contact page, sir. 

"WELL I LOOK AGAIN!" *click*

 Well alrightyyyy then. You, sir, can suck it.